The 1st of february 2010
The function and dysfunction of temporomandibular joint. Diagnosis and treatment principles
We would like to present a webinar, the first part of which is a lecture by our Italian colleagues, and the second part - a live conference between Rome, Moscow and St Petersburg, during which you can ask your questions, participate and follow a discussion between leading specialists in gnatology from Italy and Russia.
The webinar will be broadcasted for both Russian and Italian dentists.

Participating lecturers include:
  • Professor Carlo Di Paolo - Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Sciences, Head of Gnatology Masters Program in Sapienza University of Rome. Founder and President of Italian Society of Dysfunction and Temporomandibular Pain, orthopaedic dentist.
  • Professor Ettore Accivile - Professor at Postgraduate Educational Department in University of Rome, dental surgeon, orthodontist.
  • Valeria Ferrara - Docent at University of Rome, physiotherapy dentist. For many years the focus of her work has been mutual impact of headaches and occlusion.
  • Professor Alexander Ryakhovskiy - PhD of Medical Sciences, orthopaedic dentist, Honoured Doctor of Russian Federation.

In the Q&A part of our session, the professors joining us for discussion are Prof. Alexander Ryakhovskiy, Dr. Mikhail Antonic, Dr. Elena Bulycheva and Dr. Alexander Budovskiy.

We will learn of opinions of specialists with 30+ years of experience of treating dysfunction and temporomandibular pain; algorithms of diagnosis and treatment, verified by one of the best legal healthcare systems in the world - the Italian healthcare system.
This is a universal topic, the knowledge of which is essential to every practicing dentist, whatever the dentistry field. It is a discussion, in which you can participate by sending us your questions in the live discussion!
Carlo Di Paolo
orthopedic dentist, Gnatology Program Manager, Sapienza University of Rome
Ettore Accivile
dentist orthodontist, Professor of Gnatology at Sapienza University of Rome
Valeria Ferrara
Physiotherapist, associate professor at the University of Sapienza in Rome, works with patients with TMJ dysfunction
Alexander Ryakhovsky
orthopedic dentist, doctor of medical sciences, professor, honored doctor of the Russian Federation
Mikhail Antonik
orthopedic dentist, gnatologist, doctor of medical sciences, professor of Moscow State Medical University named after Evdokimov
Elena Bulycheva
orthopedic dentist, MD, professor, chairman of the Clinical Gnatology section of the Dental Association of Russia
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